What We Do for BOTA Member Businesses:

Bringing You a New Customer Base:

A managed trade exchange operates in a unique way which has an inevitable positive effect of bringing new customers to a business. Unlike advertising, which has no guaranteed return of new customers, within a trade exchange, there is no other way for BOTA to receive payment other than to bring customers to their members. These are customers which a business would not have otherwise had because they are generated from BOTA's business owner members.

Continuous Promotion and Advertising Efforts:

In order for BOTA to send you new business our efforts are focused on the promotion and advertising of existing members to other members, this is done continuously every week.  BOTA's business model is designed to provide you a solid assurance that you will get new business as a result of being an Alliance member.  Unlike many other exchanges, BOTA places the broker fee on the buyer only, simply put, if BOTA does not send you new business, BOTA as a company makes no profit. Every person in our company has a vested interest in finding new business for you, both trade and cash accounts!

Conserving Your Company's Cash Reserves:

You automatically save cash every time you pay for things with trade dollars rather than using your hard earned cash dollars. As you know when you use cash, the cash going out the door equals 100% of the total amount, whereas when you spend in trade dollars, it equals only your actual cost of goods plus 10% (BOTA's commission to broker the purchase). Instead of paying your bills in cash, with BOTA membership, you have the powerful cost saving option of paying them with your goods and services.  Use cash for things you cannot trade, spend our currency for the things you can!

Customizing Your Trade Experience:

Business Owners Trade Alliance is serious about providing you with a customized trading experience by strategically targeting the businesses with whom you want to trade. By doing this, our members can more actively trade and save cash. When you sit down with one our account executives, they will spend time to find out what goods and services you want to spend trade dollars on instead cash. BOTA then puts the sales force to work to sign up a member that provides that good or service.

Providing You a Sales Force for Promotion and New Business:

BOTA is focused on bringing you a new customer base and promoting you to the business community, whether that becomes trade or cash business.  When BOTA Account Executives meet with prospective members and find they may need your services,  we share with them any marketing materials or business cards you provide.  This puts the word out about your business in a more powerful way than any form of advertising, all provided free with membership.  In addition, our members take care of one another by using their contacts to refer cash business to BOTA members instead of businesses that are not BOTA members.