Frequently Asked Questions

I need cash to run my business. Why would I want to get customers who would pay me in trade dollars instead of cash?
Cash is a form of currency used to buy things you want. If you can pay for things with your goods and services, you gain additional spending power and you keep cash for expenses like rent and utilities.
I need new customers coming through my door more than cost savings or any other benefit you could offer my business. How will BOTA bring me new customers?
BOTA only gets paid when members buy things within the alliance. Our goal is to bring you customers to allow you to earn more trade dollars. Unlike advertising, we earn only by bringing you business.
What if BOTA does not currently have the things I want and need on trade?
As soon as you become a member, BOTA account executives target those businesses you have requested when filling out your Products and Professional Services form. We customize your trading.
I already trade with other business owners. What additional benefits do I gain with BOTA membership?
BOTA is able to greatly expand your trade options and at the same time introduce you to additional new customers in our alliance.