What is BOTA?

Business Owners Trade Alliance works on behalf of many types of businesses, large and small, who have one thing in common: the desire to increase their bottom line, cut costs and maintain their competitive edge by taking advantage of a sophisticated system of exchanging products and professional services. This is a concept which is sweeping the nation in this challenging economic climate. By adopting the business practice of trade,  business owners are able to get business that they would not normally get, utilize down time with a new job instead of just keeping staff "busy", sell excess inventory at higher margins, increase cash flow and take advantage of interest free financing.


BOTA Managing Directors Scott Martz, right, director of business development, and Maria Schlesinger, managing director, operate Business Owners Trade Alliance. The York-based trade exchange facilitates cashless exchanges of goods and services among its members.

The BOTA Difference

With Business Owners Trade Alliance, trading for needed goods and services is done in a sophisticated way. There is a brilliant system in which businesses are able obtain financing, purchase the things you need that you currently cannot afford, then pay it back incrementally with your goods and services by taking on new trade business through our Broker. You are then able to use that currency in the alliance to purchase goods and services that you would normally spend cash money on anyway, therefore, saving your cash account for things you cannot trade, such as utilities, gas, the kids college tuition, credit card bills etc.

Alliance members have complete control and privacy regarding each transaction. BOTA promotes the products and services of members within the Alliance on a weekly basis to all members in all counties. By getting authorization for each trade, we are able to ensure that each trade is acceptable to the seller, both in fair market value of the transaction and the required amount of trademark currency used by the business making the purchase. This offers much more than the simple one-on-one direct trading of the past.

As Trade Alliance partners, businesses are assigned a personal account executive and broker that work together to get the products and services you want to buy on trade as well as finding you new business that you would not normally recieve outside the membership.  That is a powerful tool in today’s competitive marketplace. Business owners can then concentrate on doing the job they know best, serving their new and existing customers.