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About Us

Our Story

Business Owners Trade Alliance (BOTA) was founded in 2010 during one of the most difficult times for businesses in the recent economy.

It was challenging but we knew that business owners needed help. We pulled up our sleeves and began to build a strong network of businesses.

Since then, we have become the largest source for business barter in eastern and central PA. We have a solid foundation of long-time valued members who offer core products and services necessary to all business owners. We are in a unique position to offer new members guaranteed new customers by reaching out to businesses based on current member requests.

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What is BOTA?

Business Owners Trade Alliance is the largest source for business barter in eastern PA.

We work with hundreds of types of businesses from small start ups to large established corporations with multiple employees. Strategic barter offers a powerful, economical way for businesses to capture additional clients and customers their competitors cannot touch.

Savvy members use trade for things they would normally spend cash on: office support, supplies and equipment, business cards, signage, vehicle wraps, advertising, websites, home and office improvements, landscaping, cleaning, car repair, dental work, employee incentives and hundreds of other needed products and services.

BOTA membership is the affordable solution to upgrading your lifestyle. Our members enjoy using trade for dining out at restaurants, gourmet food outlets, spa treatments, massages, salons, boutiques, fine jewelry, luxury goods, home decor, house cleaning, entertainment, family fun, weddings, special occasions, leisure activities and world travel.

Through our active participation in Universal Currency, members use trade not just locally but with over 75,000 businesses, hotels and resorts in the US and abroad.